Authentic Spanish Tapas bar in Gwithian, Cornwall

Open Thu-Sun, 5pm-close 

About Us

Located just a short stroll from the beach at Gwithian, Los Establos is a classic Spanish tapas bar with a Cornish twist, infusing locally sourced ingredients with authentic Spanish cuisine to create a unique culinary experience – all washed down with fresh and vibrant cocktails and carefully selected wine.

What is tapas? tapas is designed to be a fun and informal dining experience. Originating in Spain, tapas is a selection of small plates which are shared amongst friends and family at the table or bar. We recommend that guests select 2-3 tapas each and share them around the table, placing a bit of each onto their plates to enjoy. We serve our tapas in the traditional method; when its cooked, it’s served.

The great thing with tapas being small plates is that it allows diners to be adventurous whilst also enjoying their favourites. And if appetites aren’t fully satisfied, our friendly staff are always on hand to provide more!

We recommend booking in advance as we can get very busy! It is all table service here to ensure our guests receive the full experience, with the option to dine in or go al fresco.

Food Menu

Para Picar (Nibbles)

Pan con alioli / £3.60 v

Cornish Oyster au natural / £3.30 v+ gf

Marinated Olives / £4.20 v gf

Croqueta del dia (see specials board) *

Hummus with olive oil & warm bread / £5.20 * v

Pincho del dia (see specials board)*

Del Jardin (from the garden)

Patatas Bravas / £5.40 * v gf

(Crisp potato with spiced tomato sauce)

Tortilla & Alioli (classic spanish omelette) / £5.80 * v gf

Roasted aubergines with molasses / £5.50 v+

Blistered Padron Peppers / £4.80 v+ gf

Gazpacho (fresh Spanish soup served cold) / £5.20 * v+ gf

Squash, chimichurri, pomegranate and almonds / £6.20 * v+ gf

De La Tierra (from the land)

Grilled 100% Ibérico tenderloin (served pink), charred rosemary / £10.50 gf

Chorizo cooked in Cornish cider / £7.90 *gf

Sirloin served pink, chimichurri sauce / £13.20 gf

Meatballs, spiced tomato sauce, crisp parsnip / £7.90 * gf

Slow braised pig cheeks / £10.00 gf

Pollo al ajillo / £7.50 * gf

(chicken wings with paprika and honey)

Del Mar (from the sea)

Calamares & Alioli / £8.20 * gf

Whipped Cornish mackerel / £8.40 *

Gambas Pil Pil (prawns in chilli & garlic oil) / £8.80 * gf

Line caught hake, chorizo fricassee / £10.20 gf

Cornish Mussels, cream, garlic, white wine / £11.20

Scallop of the moment (see specials board) 

Tablas (boards)

Fish of the day (see specials board)
Whole grilled local fish

Cheese Board

A mix of Cornish and Spanish cheeses / £9.10/£13.40
Served with sweet chilli jam

Cured Meats

Selection of 3 cured Spanish meats / £12.60/£18.20
Served with caper berries

Mixed Board 

Selection of Cornish cheeses and Spanish meats / £13.20/£19.50

served with Olives 

Surf & Turf Board 

Iberico Tenderloin, Seared hake, chorizo fricassee, Pollo al Ajillo,

Mackerel Pate, Padron peppers & garnish / £40.00

Trato Dulce (sweet treat)

Churros & chocolate / £6.00 v

Creme brulee / £7.00 v gf

Lemon meringue pie / £6.70 v

Frixuelos de Asturias / £7.20

(Crepes with chantilly cream, chocolate and berries)

Selection of Cornish ice creams and sorbets
(please ask for more info – v+ available)

Please make our staff aware of any allergies or dietary requirements. Thank you.

v = vegetarian / v+ = vegan / gf = gluten free

* Dishes marked with an asterisk are 4 for £22 between 3 and 5 pm

Optional service charge of 10% is included

Card payments only!

Drinks Menu

White Wine

Altozano Verdejo Sauvignon Blanc
Bottle £23.00 / 250ml £7.70 / 175ml £6.00 / 125ml £4.70

Blanca Rioja
Bottle £28.00 / 250ml £9.70 / 175ml £7.60 / 125ml £5.70

Sea Change Organic Chardonnay
Bottle £30.00 / 250ml £10.20 / 175ml £7.80 / 125ml £6.50

Vinas Del Vero Gewurztraminer
Bottle £38.00

Valle de Orón Verdejo
Bottle £40.00

Secastilla La Miranda Blanca
Bottle £42.00

Gotas De Mar Godello
Bottle £46.00

PePe Albarineo
Bottle £48.00

Rosé Wine

Altozano Rosado
Bottle £22.00 / 250ml £7.50 / 175ml £6.00 / 125ml £4.50

Faustino Rivero Rosé Rioja
Bottle £27.00 / 250ml £9.50 / 175ml £7.50 / 125ml £5.50

Mirada Organic Rosé
Bottle £40.00

Red Wine

Amarlia Garnacha Tinto
Bottle £22.00 / 250ml £7.50 / 175ml £6.00 / 125ml £4.50

Vina Cerrada Tinto Rioja
Bottle £27.00 / 250ml £9.50 / 175ml £7.50 / 125ml £5.50

Sea Change Organic Red
Bottle £29.00 / 250ml £10.00 / 175ml £7.50 / 125ml £6.00

Bulas Douro Doc Tinto
Bottle £36.00

Valle De Orón Ribera Duero
Bottle £40.00

Secastilla La Miranda Tinto
Bottle £42.00

Marques Del Atrio Reserva
Bottle £47.00

Knightor Pinot Noir
Bottle £52.00


Vilarnau Cava Gold Edicion
Bottle £36.00

Jaume Serra Cava Rose
Bottle £42.00

Knightor Classic Brut
Bottle £86.00


Classic Negroni
Gin, sweet vermouth and aperol
Punchy but tasty
£9.00 *

Espresso Martini
Fresh ground coffee, vodka, coffee liquor
Elegant and classy
£10.00 * Add Baileys £1.00

Salted Caramel Martini
Cornish sea salt vodka, fresh ground coffee, caramel syrup, coffee liquor
Best of both worlds, sweet & salty

Vodka, fruit liquor (passionfruit, raspberry & lychee, white peach or strawberry) pineapple juice

House wine, triple sec, juice & fresh fruit

Sangria Jug
Great for sharing

Vodka, cointreau, lime & Cranberry
Fresh and vibrant
£9.00 *

Tequila, Cointreau & lime
Flavours available; please ask
£9.50 *

Margarita Tasting Board
Choose your 3 favourites

Daiquiri of the Day
Coconut Rum, White rum & lime
Please ask for more details

Courtyard Fizz
Gin, elderflower, apple juice & topped with prosecco
Perfect summer drink

Lemon Drop
Gin, lemon juice & Aquafaba
£9.00 *

Rum, Pineapple juice & blue curacao

Mai Tai
Cranberry, rum, rum and more rum
Not for the faint hearted!

Cornish Whiskey Sour
Hellstones whiskey, lemon juice, bitters & sugar
Stirred, not shaken

Aperol Spritz – no words needed


Tropical Twist
Orange, Pineapple, passion fruit, lime, kiwi

Virgin Daiquiri
Strawberries, Puree, lemon juice, sugar syrup, lemonade

Soft Colada
Coconut, lime, pineapple

If you have a favourite cocktail/mocktail that isn’t listed we’ll be happy to make it – provided we have the ingredients

Draft Beers:

Madri £5.30 

Sharps Atlantic £5.20

Bottled Beers & Ciders:

St Ives Brewery Range 500ml

Cornish Gold

Offshore Can

Estrella gf Beer

Soft Drinks 

Coca Cola Bottle

Coca Cola Diet Bottle

Coca Cola Zero Bottle

Lemonade Bottle

Apple Juice

Orange Juice

Cranberry Juice

Pineapple Juice

Ginger Beer

Navas Range

Hot Drinks

Americano £2.60

Latte £2.80

Cappuccino £2.80

Mocha £3.00

Flat White £2.80

Espresso £1.50

Hot Chocolate £2.80

Pot of Tea £2.60

* Drinks marked with an asterisk are 2 for £13 between 5 and 6 pm, Thu-Sun

Card payments only!